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Shade for Education & Childcare Facilities 

Shade solutions tailored specifically for Schools, Universities, TAFE & Child Care Facilities 

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Providing adequate shade for our young people at childcare and educational facilities is now fundamental to the Australia way of life. Protecting them from the harmful effects of UV radiation, while still allowing them to enjoy time outdoors, is important to their overall health and development. In fact, one of the criteria for a primary school to receive the Cancer Council’s SunSmart status, a primary school must “reschedule/minimise outdoor activities in direct sun during peak UV periods of the year”

Installing professional shade and shelter solutions can help meet your organisations’ commitments and obligations regarding shade but as well, by choosing waterproof shades and shade structures a whole new raft of benefits emerge. For instance, at Project Shade we know that movement between buildings and recreational areas within campuses can be difficult in wet weather, and that access to buildings can be challenging for many when it rains. Running to avoid getting wet can result in falls, and tramping water and wet umbrellas indoors can create slip hazards.

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Shade to Keep Children Safe

We have an unbeatable range of shade and shelter options that will improve the usability of your outdoor spaces and accessibility to your buildings, and with choices ranging from sails to umbrellas to structures, we are confident we will have the perfect solution for your:

Childcare Centres

Pre-Schools & Daycare

Primary & High Schools

Universities & Colleges

Playgrounds & Kids Spaces 

Community Centres

And we follow the Cancer Council Australia guidelines regarding SunSmart practices by using UV protected shade cloth in our shade sails and shade structures.

Shade Solutions for Eating and Play

Project Shade’s Shade Sails, in particular, offer schools a very cost effective way of creating shaded spaces for outdoor eating areas, playgrounds, and gathering in social or learning groups.

Shade Solutions for Eating and Play

Learning Areas

Learning Areas

Our shade structures can be designed to create covered outdoor learning areas (COVA), throughout different areas of the school, while still allowing filtered light through.

Separating Zones

Erecting shade structures is an ideal way to separate school zones for particular activities or by age groups, for example by using different coloured shade cloth to indicate areas for junior and senior groups.

Separating Zones

Sports Fields

Sports Fields

Sports days and inter-school games attract whole school communities - students, teachers, and parents.

Our shade structures are ideal for use around sporting fields, and having them in house colours or printed with school emblems can add some school spirit to your sports fields.

The Project Shade team can recommend the best solution for you to get the maximum shade possible without obstructing the view of events that will become a part of your school history.

Updating or Upgrading Existing Sails

Many preschools, schools and colleges installed shade sails 10 or 20 years ago when shade recommendations were introduced. Often made from materials that are not as long lasting as they are today, the sails are now showing signs of wear and tear, and fading.

Project shade can replace your old ones with superior quality sails that will stay strong and look vibrant for the years ahead.

Upgraiding Existing Sails

Quality is Assured

At Project Shade we are very proud of the products that make up our range. Each has been quality tested by our team. We understand the needs of educational institutions and that different applications may need different products. To discuss your particular needs, we invite you to explore and shop our range of Shade Sails, Shade Structures and Outdoor Umbrellas today, and contact one of our Shade Specialists for more information.

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