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Commercial Shade Solutions

Beat the heat and help your business stand out by creating inviting sun safe spaces! Adding an architectural shade solution to your commercial space will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Who We Work With?

At Project Shade we offer a wide variety of shade solutions to suit all commercial environments. Whether you are seeking to increase sun safety at schools or providing patrons with refreshing relief from the sun Project Shade has an answer for you. 

Cafes & Restaurants

Effortless shade for patrons to dine and relax under.

Hotels & Resorts

Sophisticated shade to add value and utility.

Property Development 

Create a unique selling point to your property.

Education & Community

From kindergartens to tertiary and community facilities.

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The Independent Shade Specialists 

With the rising public awareness around sun safety it's never been more important to provide sun safe environments to your commercial area. As a fully independent provider of outdoor shade, we can help you find the perfect solution for your business. 

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Why Businesses Choose Project Shade

At Project Shade we understand the need for safe, durable, long lasting shade products and our commercial range is designed specifically for that.

Independent Choice

We are not a manufacturing facility so we offer independent advice on the best solution for you and your customers. 

Quality Control

We have relationships with Australia's best suppliers. We have done our due diligence so you don't have! 

After Sales Support

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and look forward to assisting you long in to the future.


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Free Quote

We believe in making the most of the beautiful outdoors by creating spaces that embrace the natural environment around us. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Cafes & Restaurants 

Clients who need to provide shade for their customers love working with us because we can work with almost any budget and can help with branding. Leverage your location and create a magnetic space for patrons!

Amazing Atmosphere

Create an amazing atmosphere for your patrons to relax and enjoy. While great food and drinks are key to any great venue, successful owners and managers understand the importance of designing spaces that fill their customers with joy!

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Protect your Patrons

With the rising public awareness around sun safety hospitality businesses can suffer if their outdoor areas aren’t shaded. Not only will sun safe venues result in an increase of revenue, but you'll also feel satisfied knowing that your patrons are safe! 

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Why Invest in quality shade?

Stand Out

First impressions count! Make your venue stand out from the crowd to bring customers through the door!

Save Time & Money

Make life simpler by installing shade solutions that stand the test of time to reduce the time and money involved in replacing them!

Happy Customers

Creating a magnetic atmosphere will leave a lasting impression and your customers will talk about your venue forever! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Restricted by by council regulations?

  • Our experience with the hospitality industry gives us leading knowledge about exactly what shade can go where.

Does the restaurant next door get more walk-ins than you?

  • Talk to us to find a shade solution that's warm and inviting then watch your sales grow!

Bright, Vibrant & Welcoming Spaces!

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Cantilever Colourful Shade
Shade Umbrellas at restaurant

Hotels & Resorts

Effortless shade to dine and relax under...

From 5-star hotels and resorts to those built for the budget conscious guests we've got a solution to help your guests relax under. Unused outdoor space is lost revenue, let us help you find the perfect shade and capitalise on an previously sunburnt space.

Relaxing Resorts

Nothing says holiday more than relaxing by the pool. Design an environment that make your guests forget their worries. 

Hospitable Hotels

Authentic dining experiences can be created by turning your sunburnt strip into a shady oasis.

Multiple shades Tropical Resort

Make Life Simple

Low to no maintenance products that are easy to use are an asset to Hotels & Resorts that are already busy juggling staff and guests. Spend your time and money on creating the best experiences for your guests and let us protect them from the shade! 

Resort Umbrellas

Maximise space!

Capitalise on unused space by turning a sunburn zone into an inviting place.

Refresh Your Space! 

A new shade soloution will give your pool, dining & green spaces a fresh new look and feel. 

Protect Your Guests!

Keep your guests safe from sun and storms by providing adequate shade protection.

Create Luxurious Spaces...

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Sun Leak Shade Umbrella
Pool Umbrellas
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Contact Us

At Project Shade we understand that creating the right atmosphere is imperative to your resort or hotel. Our team will work with you to find solutions that are perfect for your premise. 

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Property Development & Construction

Consumers are becoming more sun safe every day, join the movement and treat your new development to high quality shade. Our team has experience in construction, property development and town planning which we utilise to make working with us a seamless process.

Project Shade works with:

Property Developers

We love working with developers of all sizes to assist in creating developments with a difference.


Our team is experienced working with traditional architects, draftspersons and landscape architects.


From one-man teams to large commercial builders we've worked with them all.

Helping add shade to...

Classic umbrella at pool
Apartments & Townhouses

Including shaded areas in residential developments will help you make critical pre-sales.

House & Land

Build homes that attract better clientele with quality outdoor shade.

Office Spaces

Modern office spaces need places for employees to recharge and connect in. 

Mixed Use

We work with you to create mixed use spaces that maximise your outdoor space! 

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When it comes to Property Development our team is highly experienced and can help you find the best shade possible!

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Education Facilities

Supporting Our Future

Our children are our future so it's important we value education. Without sun safe outdoor areas we are keeping students indoors when they should be outside. Let’s keep the kids out of the air con and put them back into the school yard. 

Primary & High Schools

Children need outdoor areas to play and enjoy. Ensure they keep safe by providing a plethora of shady spaces!


University and TAFE student are often influenced by the outdoor spaces available at campuses. Attract the best and brightest! 

Sail shade

Outdoor spaces to learn and grow! 

Flexshade tetra
Made in the shade at cafe
Cantilever at outdoor

We help you find the perfect shade!

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Shade Products


Traditional centre post or market umbrellas for universal applications.

Heavy Duty

Engineered and wind rated for when you need a stronger solution.


An off-set post which allows maximum versatility.

Shade Sails & Structures 

Permanent solutions for pools, carparks, playgrounds and more.