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Outdoor Shade for Construction

Shade solutions for Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapers, Pools Builders and more! 

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Those operating in the diverse construction industry in Australia understand the importance of incorporating quality shade solutions in their designs and builds. Not only does shade and shelter play an aesthetic role, but when placed correctly can lower the cooling costs and thereby the carbon footprint of a building.

At Project Shade we work closely with architects, construction firms, landscapers, builders, and property developers. We understand the relevant regulations and compliances to which you must adhere, and  the turnaround times and milestones under which you work. From the planning stage to job completion, our knowledgeable team is on hand to ensure our role in your project is efficient and professional.

Our range encompasses Classic Umbrellas, Heavy Duty Umbrellas, Shade Sails, and Shade Structures, some of which are wind rated for up to 160 km/h. Our Flexshade® lineup of shade products are a popular choice for architects and property developers looking for permeanant solutions. These have been architecturally designed and built by engineers whose focus is on structural integrity.

Project Shade works with

Property Developers

We love working with developers of all sizes to assist in creating developments with a difference.


Our team is experienced working with traditional architects, draftspersons and landscape architects.

Builders & Landscapers

From one-man teams to large commercial  builders we've worked with them all.

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Project Shade’s colourful range of shade solutions come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

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Henry Akes Commercial Shade Manager
A Shade Expert for over 8 years, Henry has been implementing a solutions-based approach to support his commercial and residential clients in selecting the perfect shade solution to
suit their business. He has extensive experience working with with schools, councils, builders, landscapers, homeowners, restaurateurs, holiday resorts to name a few.

Henry is a real ‘people person’ and believes in building long lasting relationships with his clients.  He is a qualified carpenter with experience working on building sites and is knowledgable about several aspects of town planning from years of studying a degree in urban and town planning.

This experience is used to ensure every shade solution perfectly meets his client’s requests.

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Premium Quality

Whatever your building project, incorporating a tailored shade solution from Project Shade can deliver shade, privacy, shelter, and comfort to your clients. Our range of colours is unbeatable, quality is superb, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Flexshade® Structures & Umbrellas

Flexshade Tetra

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The Hypar

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Tension Membrane Umbrella

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Conical Shade Structure

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Tension Membrane Cantilever

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Tension Membrane Sail (Quad)

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We invite you to explore and shop our range of outdoor shade solutions and contact one of our team of professionals for more information.

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How We Help

Architects & Designers

The design of outdoor areas comes with its own set of challenges for landscape architects in our Aussie climate. Not only is ensuring adequate light shade for garden and alfresco areas important, but in these water-wise times, limiting water loss from evaporation also comes into play.

Incorporating designer shade sails and elegant umbrellas into your designs shows thoughtful consideration of your clients’ ongoing use of their outdoor space.


We have a great relationship with construction companies and independent builders and understand the constraints under which they work. At Project Shade we know that working to specifications is vital, and that on time delivery is an important part of managing a workforce. When you have trades and labour teams to co-ordinate, any delay can result in cost blowouts.

Builders know that there is a lot more to domestic and commercial building projects than just walls, floors and roofs. The aesthetics of the outdoor areas are also important, and including the option of shade sails or shade structures from Project Shade’s range can be a real value-add to your quotes. Thoughtful points of difference like this can mean the difference between winning a job or losing it to a competitor.Whatever the size or shape of the area, we have a solution that will be just right.

Residential Improvements

Australian’s are great renovators, and for tradies involved in making improvements to people’s homes there is a lot of satisfaction in these transformations. Because we love entertaining out of doors, there are some key elements that are often requested in a reno project, including:

  • creating indoor/outdoor al fresco areas,
  • installing outdoor kitchens,
  • landscaping garden areas,
  • building decks and patios, and
  • installing pools

Important to all of these, but often neglected at the outset, is providing the shade and shelter necessary to ensure the comfort of users. Offering the option to provide and install  these as part of your works can really set you apart in a client’s decision-making process.

At Project Shade we have a huge range of shade sails, shade umbrellas (our cantilever umbrellas look amazing in cabanas and pool areas!), and shade structures in colours and styles to appeal to even the most discerning client.

Pacific shades mastershade with valance black pool

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