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Shade Sails & Structures

Permanent shade solutions are ideal when the shading of large spaces is needed. All of the Shade Sails and Structures in Project Shade’s range combine engineering, design, and architectural elements to create premium structures that will stand the test of time, even in Australia’s harsh conditions.

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Our Shade Sails & Structures

Shade Sails and Structures can be used for almost any application. In domestic situations they

  • provide superb sun and weather protection for driveways and pool areas,
  • help create the flow of comfort of the indoors to outdoor areas, and
  • can help keep homes cooler.

Our sails are particularly well suited for playgrounds, pools, eating areas, and car parks of any size.

Schools and childcare centres in particular are tasked with providing a safe environment for the young people in their care. We understand that this includes providing them with outdoor areas that have high UVR protection balanced with the sunlight and airflow.

Regardless of the size of the area you need shaded, the shape of the area, or the level of weather protection needed, we’re certain you will find the right solution within our very wide range of shade products.

Shadetex Shade Sails

Shadowspec Commercial Centre Pole (SU10)

Wave Shade

Flexshade Tension Membrane Cantilever Umbrellas

Flexshade® Structures

Pacific Shades Master Shade  Cantilever Umbrella

Custom Made

Premium Quality

Built to Last

Pools and Playgrounds

Playgrounds and pools benefit tremendously from the installation of Shade Sails and Structures. Not only do they protect users, but these types of structures also help to protect any covered play equipment or infrastructure from weather-based wear and tear.

Shadetex shadesails custom playground

At Home 

Our Shade Sails and Shade Structures also have a place in private houses where large areas need weather protection. Very often they are used in conjunction with garages to provide shelter for extra vehicles, including caravans and motor homes. 

Decks and patios that need a permanent shade solution also benefit from the installation of Shade Sails and Shade Structures as they improve the all-weather use of these areas.

Shadetex shadesails custom grey home

Our colleagues at Shadetex Sails assist us in providing quality solar protection structures to the broad Australian community. While traditional neutral coloured sails are available, the company is well known for its bright colour combinations that project fun and playtime and have found homes in many playgrounds, preschools, and pool areas.

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Speak to one of our shade specialists about our range of premium commercial and outdoor shade sails & structures.

Shade Sails or Shade Structures?  

This decision will depend on how you plan to use the areas to be be covered. These are both permanent installations, but shade sails are, if necessary, able to be removed relatively easily, i.e. taken down and relocated with you should you move house, though they are not designed to be taken down on a regular basis.

Shade Sails 

Shade Sails are very versatile and are at home in a wide variety of situations. They are offered in standard sizes or we can custom make to your exact measurements. Importantly, when choosing from our superb range of Shade Sails you can be assured that only the best quality shade fabric is used, including the premium Shade Sail materials Monotec370 and Ferrari502

Superior quality is the hallmark of our Shade Sails

As a minimum they all have: 

  • Attachment points with 316 Marine grade
  • Pro-Rig fittings and are reinforced with webbing for longevity
  • Perfectly sized 316 Grade stainless steel cables
  • PTFE Monofilament thread (UV stabilised) used for all stitching Industry-leading warranties with a minimum of 10 years 
Shadetex kool series clearcut lr
Shadetex max series clearcut lr

Our Sails which are provided by Shadetex Sails are industry-leading, and are made with premium materials that will stand the test of time. 

We know that a one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for Shade Sails because every application is different. But the same applies to shapes. At Project Shade we have a whole range of sail shapes, including including, equilateral triangle, right angle triangle, square, rectangular or any polygon shape with up to 8 attachment points. We can also help you install it in the increasingly popular hyperbolic style.


Shade Structures 

Shade Structures are often found in commercial or educational institutions because they can help to create a contemporary and artistic environment to enhance a learning experience. They are a low-maintenance permanent shade/weather solution, and are very popular with schools, resorts, retirement complexes, and universities.

Every shade structure sold by Project Shade is made-to-measure for each specific for each specific site and can cover any size area.

Flexshade Hypar, Quad and Lotus are particularly popular for universities and public spaces and with their lightweight structure, quick installation and low maintenance, the Flexshade membrane structures included in our range have found homes in exhibition halls, on golf courses, resorts and shopping centres.

Flexshade Structures

Flexshade tetra shade structure school lr a
Flexshade hypar linked2 lr
Fexshade lotus pink wall
Ireland quad

All Shade Sails and Shade Structures offered by Project Shade come in a wide range of colours that will either blend in with the surrounding environment, or colour coordinate with the theme of your institution.

The Retractable Wave Shade Solution

Similar to a shade sail, Wave Shade is a modern, retractable, and versatile shade sail. It gives you the flexibility to allow sun into an area whenever you want. Its billows or ‘waves’ can be in whatever width you need, and their number is dictated by the length of the area to be covered. While a Wave Shade adds a touch of elegance to an alfresco area at home, in a cafe or restaurant, it does not compromise on strength and durability. Wave Shades are custom designed to your exact specifications and come in an excellent range of colours

Wave Shade

Wave Shade Retractable Shade Cover
Wave Shade Retractable Shade Cover

Replacement Sails

If your current Shade Sails are faded, torn, or damaged, we are more than happy to provide you with new premium sails to your exact measurements. You’ll be amazed at what a difference new high quality sails can make to the outdoor area of your home, business, or institution.

We’re here to help

We can work with your to either install your Shade Sail or Shade Structure (Greater Brisbane only) or for other areas, we are happy to help you through the process, either over the phone or by helping to find a suitable contractor, from our list of approved installers.

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To discuss the shade solution that is best for your home, business, or facility, our team of experts are just a phone call away

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Shade Sail & Structure Gallery

Browse Our Shade Sails & Structures

How you use your outdoor space, and how much space you have will dictate the best option for your situation. Our most popular Shade Sails & Structures include:

Shadetex Sails

Shadetex Sails are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology, machinery, and equipment in a purpose built plant in New Zealand. The company has an enviable reputation for manufacturing fit-for-purpose products that are both robust and attractive. 

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Shadowspec Commercial Centre Pole (SU10) with white canopy

Flexshade Structures

Flexshade Tension Membrane Structures are architecturally designed and wind rated for Australia’s touch conditions. Designed and built in Australia by engineers, these heavy duty, low maintenance, tension membrane structures are permanently fixed.

Available in Hypar, Tetra, Lotus & Quad configurations

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Flexshade Centre Pole - Tension Membrane Umbrella

Wave Shade

Fully customisable, the Wave Shade offers you the best of both worlds, sun when you want it and shade when you need it. The Wave Shade is made up of a series of billows which helps it retract and gives it an eloquent look. Each shade is custom-made to  your outdoor space and can be attached to pergolas, homes, walls and poles.

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Pacific Shades Master Shade  with black canopy

We invite you to to contact our friendly team of professionals to discuss your project in more detail.