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Tension Membrane Cantilever

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The Flexshade® Cantilever 

Architecturally Designed & Built To Last

A tension membrane umbrella with either a round (Hexagonal) or square (Quartet) shaped canopy with a column. Architecturally designed and wind rated for the even toughest conditions providing a lifetime of low maintenance, these permanent structures are custom made and built to last.

  • Tensioned PVC fully welded membranes
  • Zinc & powder coated steel frames
  • Marine grade stainless cables & fittings
  • Engineered for winds up to 160 km/h
  • Fire rated PVC with PVDF top finish
  • Certified engineered non retractable design

10 Year Fabric Warranty

10 Year Frame Warranty


Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster

Maintains tension in membrane for years to come

White Structural Base Plate

Structural Base Plate

Heavy duty base plate permanently anchored to foundation 

Multiple Umbrellas

Link Panel For Umbrellas

Link Panel (Optional)

Connect multiple umbrellas together for seamless shelter. Available only in Quartet (square canopy) Cantilevers.

Duel membranes attached to single column

Duet (Optional) 

Duel membranes attached to single column. Available only in Quartet (square canopy) Cantilevers.

Canopy Colour Options


3d Visualization for Umbrella Structure

1. Corner Plate - Powder Coated Aluminium
2. Tension Adjustor - Stainless Steel
3. Column - Zinc & Powder Coated
4. Baseplate
5. Footings - To suit local conditions
6. Ground Snow load - 0.95 kPo (20 psf)
7. Wind Load - 45 m/sec

8. Point Load - kN (225 lbf)
9. Membrane - Fire Roted PVC with PVDF Top Finish
10. Edge Cable - Stainless Steel Fittings
11. Apex Cap - Powder Coated Aluminium
12. Frame Bolts - Stainless Steel
13. Upper & Lower Arms - Zinc & Powder Coated


Hexagonal (Round Canopy)

Umbrella visualization from top and side

Size A B C D
3.6m 3100 2400 3120 3600
4.9m 3390 2400 4200 4850
5.8m 3665 2400 5020 5800

Quartet (Square Canopy)

Three visualizations for umbrella from different sides

Size A B C D
2.5m 3085 2400 2550
3.3m 3180 2400 3275
4.3m 3575 2400 4275
5.0m 3756 2400 5000
2.5m Duet 3085 2400 2550 5100
3.3m Duet 3180 2400 3275 6550
4.3m Duet 3575 2400 4275 8550
5.0m Duet 3756 2400 5000 10000

Flexshade® Quartet can be designed to suit specific customer requirements for height and plan dimension.


Frame Colour

Choose from the full range of Dulux RAL powder coat colours for frame.

Stainless Steel Frame

Electropolished stainless steel frames are available.
Call for price on application.

Provision for Electrical 

Provision for Electrical Lighting,  Heating Units, fan, televisions and more.

Pivoting Mechanism

Reposition as the sun moves throughout the day.

Provision for Side Curtain

Provision for side curtains and optional corner posts for roll up or zip track fittings for complete weather protection.

Flex Shade Logo

About the Manufacturer 

The Flexshade® range of pre-engineered tension membrane structures are part of the Vesl Tension Span Group founded in 1977. These Australian made shade structures are built to unmatched standards and are designed with a fix and forget philosophy.

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Quartet (Square Canopy)

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Hexagonal (Round Canopy)

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