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Heavy Duty Umbrellas

Our Heavy Duty umbrellas are built to last decades with little to no maintenance. Our range includes products that have been architecturally designed with wind ratings up to 160km/h are more than capable of withstanding the rigours of the variety
of harsh Australian weather conditions.

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Heavy Duty Commercial Umbrellas

Project Shade’s low-maintenance Heavy Duty umbrellas are the strongest in our suite of umbrella products. Sometimes referred to as “commercial umbrellas” or “industrial umbrellas”, they are the right choice when the ultimate protection against the elements is needed in a commercial environment, without compromising on design and style. They are excellent for situations where your shade product needs to meet specific codes and standards or compliance, such as in commercial settings.

A combination of strength and beautiful design is perfectly reflected in our range of heavy duty and commercial umbrellas. While they might resemble a Classic umbrella, they are wind rated and built to last by a  company.

We have umbrellas that are:

Wind Rated

Up to 160km/h

Custom Made

Built to your exact specification. 

Built to Last

With up to 10 years warranty. 

Custom Built

Project Shade’s commercial umbrellas can be engineered for any scenario. They are custom-built for each situation, and can be fitted with lights, heaters, and speakers.

They are ideal for: 

  • Pubs and restaurants with outdoor dining spaces,
  • Resorts,
  • Public spaces,
  • Aquatic centres,
  • Educational institutions,
  • And even homes

And our range of Flexshade umbrellas have the added option of side curtains for privacy or greater weather protection.

The workmanship and quality control that goes into making these commercial-grade umbrellas is second to none.

Flexshade Tension Membrane Centre Pole Umbrella

Colours, Sizes, and Shapes  

Six large umbrellas in blue
Heavy duty cantilever umbrella
Three Flexshade Centre Pole Umbrellas in red

All of our Heavy Duty umbrellas are low-maintenance, and come in a variety of sizes (up to 8m x 8m), and you can choose from either square or octagonal canopies. Like all of Project Shade’s products, both the canopies and frames come in an impressive range of colours that are resistant to fading. Some products such as the Shadowspec SU10 feature telescopic masts that will clear most furniture, making the opening and closing operation easy.

Our Shadowspec SU10 features Sunbrella material in the canopy, and has the added benefit of allowing you to have a movable base. It is a stunning heavy duty umbrella

As well as coming in either square or octagonal shaped canopies, our Pacific Shade umbrellas also offer the option of having scalloped or straight valances. So very classy.

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Speak to one of our shade specialists about our range of premium commercial and heavy duty outdoor umbrellas.

Shadowspec SU10

Shadowspec SU10 in red

Pacific Shades Master Shade

Pacific Shades Master Shade  in blue

the words: Custom Branding Available

Marketing and Branding Support

We know how important branding is to a business, which is why we are pleased to offer screen printing of your brand, message, or logo onto your commercial umbrella. Choosing a canopy colour that fits with your branding will help to create a cohesive indoor/outdoor theme.  Successful businesses never underestimate the marketing power of their brand or logo.

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Canopy Material

As well as options for the size, colour, and shape of your umbrella canopy, for most of our Heavy Duty umbrellas you can also choose between waterproof PVC or Fabric 100% acrylic suitable for outdoors.

Different coloured fabric

Some of our umbrellas, like those from Flexshade feature tension membrane canopies - an attractive and extremely low maintenance option ideal for a range of situations. 

Two Flexshade Centre Pole Umbrellas joined together

As well as options for the size, colour, and shape of your umbrella canopy, for most of our Heavy Duty umbrellas you can also choose between waterproof PVC or Fabric 100% acrylic suitable for outdoors.

Shadowspec Commercial Centre Pole (SU10) with green canopy

Maintenance and Repairs

Components of Project Shade’s Heavy Duty umbrellas are low-maintenance, repairable, and serviceable, to ensure the longevity of your product. You can be confident that your purchase is a long-term investment.

The Project Shade Promise

 Each of Project Shade’s commercial umbrellas have their own special features, but all

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You can explore our range of Heavy Duty commercial umbrellas and we invite you to [contact] one of our representatives to discuss your needs in more detail

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Heavy Duty Gallery

Browse Our Heavy Duty Umbrellas

How you use your outdoor space, and how much space you have will dictate the best cantilever umbrella option for your situation. Our most popular Heavy Duty umbrellas include:

Shadowspec SU10

Shadowspec’s stunning Commercial Centre Pole Umbrella has a mast allowing it to close over furniture making it a popular choice for cafés, schools and resorts.

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Shadowspec Commercial Centre Pole (SU10) with white canopy


Flexshade Umbrellas are architecturally designed and wind rated for Australia’s touch conditions. Designed and built in Australia by engineers, these heavy duty, low maintenance, tension membrane umbrellas that are permanently fixed.

Available in both centre pole and cantilever configurations. 

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Flexshade Centre Pole - Tension Membrane Umbrella

Pacific Shades Master Shade

The Australian made Pacific Shade Master Shade, which delivers flexibility and versatility by offering 3 tilt positions and wind up operation. Wind rated up to 160km/h this umbrella is ideal in both residential and commercial settings. 

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Pacific Shades Master Shade  with black canopy

We invite you to browse our range more fully, and to contact our friendly team of professionals to discuss your project in more detail.

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UltraShade Heavy Duty Umbrella

UltraShade Heavy Duty Umbrella

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Tension Membrane Umbrella

Tension Membrane Umbrella

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Commercial Centre Pole (SU10)

Commercial Centre Pole (SU10)

$5,929.00 AUD
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