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Shade for Hotels & Resorts 

Shade solutions for budget accommodation to 6-star luxury and everything in between!

There is no doubt that photos of inviting and comfortable outdoor spaces on a hotel or resort website or booking platform can influence a person’s decision of whether to book, or to keep looking. Maintaining them in picture-perfect condition will meet their expectations on arrival.

Ensuring these spaces are welcoming and safe should be the objective when designing, maintaining, or upgrading them. Covered walkways allow safe and easy access between facilities and buildings, while attractive shade solutions create a perfect poolside ambiance, allowing your guests to relax in comfort, confident they are protected from the elements.

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When you achieve this by combining function and style, the results will speak for themselves with:

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Shadowspec Serenity™ Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

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Shadowspec Unity™ Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrella

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Cafe & Resort Umbrella (SU2)

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Commercial Centre Pole (SU10)

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Shadowspec Retreat™ - Wall Mounted Umbrella

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Our experienced team of professionals at Project Shade is on hand to help guide you in deciding which shade option is best and most cost effective for your hotel or resort, and we invite you to contact us today.

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Low Maintenance Shade Solutions

We know that resort and hotel managers are busy people, but at the same time are conscious of their need to provide comfort for their guests both indoors and outdoors. When selecting from Project Shade’s range of commercial shade umbrellas or shade sails, you will discover that providing shade and rain shelter outdoors does not need to be labour intensive.

Shadetex sails shadesail playpark
Flexshade duet lr

If you would like movable shade options, our stunning umbrellas are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. However, our hotel and resort clients are increasingly choosing permanent shade solutions like our range of wind-rated Flexshade Heavy Duty Umbrellas or Shade Sails and easy to move fast operation umbrellas. These free up wait staff to do their jobs rather than tackle daily equipment setup, you don’t have the problem of guest attempting to move umbrellas as they choose.

Movable, Fixed or Cantilever?

The choice is yours, and will depend on the design and needs of your outdoor space.

Cantilever umbrellas are popular for use over pools, and have the flexibility to swing or tilt over other areas should there be the need, e.g over sun lounge areas. 

In these days of sun safety awareness, particularly in Australia’s harsh climate, providing shade that provides UV protection.

 This extends to swimming pools, where our cantilevered umbrellas provide a flexible solution that deliver shade while allowing light and air flow.

Project Shade’s cantilever umbrellas are stylish and on-trend, and with the range of colours available we’re certain you will find one that melds with
the overall style, feel, and decor of the interior of your hotel or resort.

Our multi-canopied umbrellas are ideal for sun lounge areas as seating and tables can be arranged on either side of a central pole.

Excellent for providing not only UV protection, but rain shelter as well - great for our tropical areas where rain can come and go throughout the day.

 At Project Shade we have an enviable range of Classic umbrellas which include market and
wall-mounted umbrellas. These can be erected as weather conditions dictate, and brought indoors
if security is an issue.

Our Handcrafted Timber Umbrellas look sensational when shade for smaller spaces is needed, and are right at home in outdoor bar and cafe settings within your resort or hotel.

Side Shot Of Two Umbrellas next to the pool

Front shot of two Umbrellas on the pool

Backshot of two Umbrellas on the pool

Your Logo Says It All

It is one thing for people to post photos of themselves at their hotel or resort on social media, it is another when those photos display your logo or brand. Social proof is an important part of marketing in the 21st Century, and by others posting your logo on their feeds should be considered no-cost advertising.

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We understand this, and are able to print your brand, logo, or message on your umbrellas, either subtly or prominently, in whatever colour you like, and as your marketing plan dictates.

Excellent Pricing and Quality

We are transparent about our pricing, right here on our website because we are confident we are more than competitive with other shade providers. Our shade solutions come in a very wide range of sizes, styles, and colours, and:

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