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Cantilever Umbrellas

Perhaps the most elegant in our range, Cantilever umbrellas deliver unparalleled style and class to pool areas, BBQs, and cafés. The add a finishing touch to any al fresco entertaining area.

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Cantilever umbrellas are easily identified by their side post rather than having a post in the centre like traditional outdoor umbrellas.

They provide the type of floating shade that gives more freedom of movement to those seated or lying under them.  Sometimes referred to as a “side post umbrella”, “offset umbrella”, or “pool umbrella”, our Cantilever umbrellas are modern in design and add style to any outdoor area.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Key Features

Each of our Cantilever umbrellas come with specific features and benefits, and we’re sure there will be one that is just right for your outdoor shade requirement. However, all of them

Provide at least 90% UV blockout

Provide weatherproof cover

Have an industry leading warranty

Have frames made from a structural, rust resistant material

Have canopies made from premium grade shade cloth, acrylic canvas or PVC

Are wind rated for at a minimum of 60 km/h, some as much as 160 km/h.

Feature weather resistant marine grade fittings

Have simple and intuitive operation

Come from a reputable manufacturer

Are suitable for tough Australian conditions

Offer excellent value for money

Come with manufacturers’ warranties

Look great

Some have fixed canopies, while others have a wind-up capability. All are manufactured to the highest standards, have been designed for use in Australia’s weather and climate conditions, and are the best on the market today.

Cantileve Umbrella

Follow the Sun Flexibility

Perhaps the best feature of Project Shade’s Cantilever umbrella range is their flexibility of use.

Many models can rotate from their post making it possible to adjust the canopy to follow the sun, providing shade throughout the day.

Some models can tilt to give even more targeted shade.

Some of our Cantilever umbrellas can be wall-mounted.

While in the past Cantilever umbrellas were all permanently fixed, newer models offer free standing mobile bases.

Multi-Canopy Umbrellas

Depending on the coverage needed, you might consider a Cantilever umbrella with multiple canopies, all of which are mounted on the same pole. Having this option allows you to have coverage, for example, over an outdoor seating area as well as over a BBQ area - and they look sensational providing shade to poolside lounges without multiple umbrella poles impeding access.

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Unity Hero Twist

Unity 2.5m Duo Charcoal Tweed
Shopfront with Unity Trio and Duo
Quattro Oyster

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Cantilever Gallery

Serenity 4.0m Rust Unity 2.5m Duo Charcoal Tweed Cantilever umbrellas/black_q14 Charcoal grey cantiliver in backyard Unity 2.5m Duo Charcoal Tweed F16Side Serenity 3.5m Navy SU4 Pacific shades mastershade open blue pool Serenity residential navy webheader Unity 2.5m Duo Taupe Pacific shades mastershade with valance black pool Serenity 3.5m Charcoal Tweed- SU6 Duo- Pacific shades mastershade open black open Unity Square Duo 2.5m White SU7 Oct-3-LR SU3-1-LR

Browse Our Cantilever Umbrellas

How you use your outdoor space, and how much space you have will dictate the best cantilever umbrella option for your situation. Our most popular Cantilever umbrellas include:


Shadowspec’s latest offerings the Shadowspec Unity and Serenity™. which are truly next gen when it comes to shade, with their patented features: Shadowhub™, Shadowlock™, Shadowlift™  and Shadowgilde™.

Shadowspec Shadowhub™ Shadowspec Shadowlock™ Shadowspec Shadowlift™ Shadowspec Shadowgilde™
Serenity residential charcoal hero


Flexshade Cantilevers are architecturally designed and wind rated for Australia’s touch conditions. Designed and built in Australia by engineers, these heavy duty, low maintenance, tension membrane umbrellas that are permanently fixed.

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Black Umbrella in the garden

Pacific Shades Master Shade

The Australian made Pacific Shade Master Shade, which delivers flexibility and versatility by offering 3 tilt positions and wind up operation.

Structural Base Plate Stainless Steel Tension Adjuster Optional Link Panel
Pacific Shade Umbrella on the pool

We invite you to browse our range more fully, and to contact our friendly team of professionals to discuss your project in more detail.