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Shade for Driveways & Carports

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Why Shade Your Driveway or Carport?

It is rare these days for a household to have only one vehicle, but even more rare is having a home that can provide garage space for several vehicles. Even double garages tend to be used for more than parking - often using space for storage, a workshop, and even home gyms.

We all know that the extremes of Australia’s climate can take its toll on vehicles that are subjected to the elements, and that this shows up in fading paintwork, rust, storm damage, and tree sap and leaf stains.  


Vehicles left unprotected tend to age long before their time.

At Project Shade we have a superb range of beautifully designed shade structures and shade sails that can provide the protection from the elements that the vehicles parked at your home deserve.

Being able to provide quality shelter will not only only protect them, but can also deliver a bonus of more usable driveway space when the vehicles are not parked.

a half rusted car

Colours, Style, Strength

Because our shade structures and shade sails come in a range of colours and styles, we are certain that there will be one that will fit perfectly with the style of your home, and not detract from it.

And you can rest assured that our shades and sails are made from premium grade shade cloth, and have been constructed using only quality fittings and fixtures.

Shade Cloth
Shade Fabric
Shade Structure

The Umbrella Option

Serenity Cantilever Umbrella

Not every person wants or needs permanent structures in their driveways, and this can be for a number of reasons. You may be renting their premises, need to adhere to Council regulations, or have limited budgets. Whatever the reason, opting for an umbrella instead is a smart choice. 

Project Shade’s wide range of high-quality umbrellas is sure to include one that is the perfect shape and colour for your situation. For instance, our cantilevered umbrellas could provide the shelter you need, and add a real touch of elegance to your driveway.

If you are looking to use your driveway and carport as spaces for hosting a special event, you might consider our huge range of market umbrellas that can be erected as and when needed and provide a colourful welcome to your guests.

Add some fairy lights, and its party time!

Multi-Canopy Umbrellas

When more coverage is required, our multi-canopied umbrellas are ideal because they can provide shelter on both sides of the centre pole - a great option for driveways and car parks. Learn more about our multi-canopy umbrellas the Shadowspec Unity™

Multi-Canopy Umbrellas

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There are so many options, and one will be perfect for your home. To help you to make a decision, we invite your to contact our team of experts today.

To enquire about or range of should products suitable for driveway & carports complete the form below, call us 1300 846 009 or email hello@projectshade.com.au

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