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Shade for Pool & BBQ Areas

It’s no secret that Australians love the outdoors. We enjoy sports, adventure, and appreciate the natural beauty that this country has in abundance. For generations we have made the outdoors a big part of our home lives as well, enjoying family meals and celebrating special occasions in our gardens, on our decks and patios, or in and around our pools.

Black Umbrella on open pool
Home backyard barbecue

At Project Shade we understand how Australia’s often harsh climate can impact this alfresco lifestyle we have all come to love. And we know that it is important to you to ensure the comfort and safety of your family and guests by providing them with the right shade and shelter - to help you say “goodbye” to the days of

 Cooks sweltering over an exposed BBQ

 Salads wilting in the sun

 Pavers and decking too hot to walk upon

 Families huddled under a beach umbrella

 The rush to move inside when the weather changes

 Precious plants being fried in the summer sun

 Limiting pool time to cooler parts of the day

Girl relaxing inside Resort's pool

and “hello” to enjoying more comfortable and welcoming year-round outdoor time. Put simply, by adding quality shade to your backyard you can bring the comfort of indoors outdoors and create a sheltered

Styles and Colours That Just Fit

Because every family, home, and garden is different, there is no one-size-fits-all shade solution, and when searching for the right one for your home, the choices can be overwhelming. We know this - we’ve been through it ourselves. And it’s why we set out to research and test a wide range of umbrellas and shelters for quality, design, durability, and functionality.

As a result, Project Shade takes pride in offering only the best of the best umbrellas, shades, and sails, with realistic and transparent pricing. We are confident you will find the right shade solution in our one-stop-shop, right here.

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There are so many options, and one will be perfect for your home. To help you to make a decision, we invite your to contact our team of experts today.

To enquire about or range of should products suitable for pools & BBQ areas complete the form below, call us 1300 846 009 or email hello@projectshade.com.au

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Patio Umbrellas

Whether you have an existing patio or deck or are planning to build one, having a modern and stylish patio umbrella will mean you will enjoy the space that much more. We have a size, and style that will be just right for your space, with colours that will fit perfectly with your home’s colour palette.

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Serenity 4m Octagonal Sea

Cantilever Pool Umbrellas

Enjoy resort style living right at home with our range of cantilever pool umbrellas. Their superior construction, wind-rating, and versatility mean they can shade your sun lounge area or swing out to cover sections of your pool for sun-safe swimming all day. Our wide range of styles and colours will check all your boxes.

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Unity Square Duo 2.5m White

Barbecue Shade

We have a wide range of umbrellas and shades that are just right for your BBQ area. Whether you want to provide shelter and shade for

  • the cook (and the cook’s advisors!),
  • the dining area, or
  • those moving between kitchen and BBQ,

We know that within Project Shade’s wide range of versatile rotating cantilever umbrellas, low maintenance shade sails, or heavy duty umbrellas you will find the perfect solution for your home.

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Home BBQ

Shade sails

Shade sails are a great option for creating permanent shade for cars, caravans, patios, and pools. For garden lovers, a shade sail can help protect your plants by providing shelter from harsh summer sun and driving rain, and can help create different zones within your garden as part of its overall design.

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Contact our experts today

If you are uncertain about which shade option is right for your space, our experts at Project Shade are just the touch of a button away.

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Unity 2.5m Duo Charcoal Grey

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