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5 Things You Should Know About Bunnings Outdoor Umbrellas

24th August 2022

At 23 meters in diameter, the Chinese hold the world record for the largest outdoor umbrella. Although we don't think you need one quite that size, you will need an outdoor umbrella in Australia.

When you start prepping your first BBQ of the year, Bunnings outdoor umbrellas might be precisely what you need. Putting the health risks aside, it's no fun sweltering under the sun without shade.

If your organising is a bit behind schedule, don't panic. You can pop to your local Bunnings store to pick up a cheap umbrella for the event. So, let's take a closer look at whether Bunnings outdoor umbrellas are suitable for you.

What Outdoor Umbrellas Do Bunnings Sell?

Bunnings sell cantilever and market umbrellas that are easy to set up and dismantle. They include umbrellas by Coolaroo, Hartman, Mimosa, and Mojo. However, today we're focussing on the Bunnings Marquee range.

The designers make Bunnings umbrellas with a specific price market in mind. As such, they use lower, non-marine-grade materials. You can use Bunnings outdoor umbrellas a few times and purchase a new one the following year.

On the other hand, specialist umbrella business (such as Project Shade) offer marine-grade outdoor umbrellas. Marine-grade means that they will withstand the Australian heat, rain and wind. If this is of interest to you, consider buying from a specialist site.

Marquee Umbrellas at Bunnings

Marquee has found a market in offering trendy furniture made with an affordable price tag. Fashion trends are only popular for a year or two.

So, as they release a new pattern, colour, or design, you can discard your old Marquee umbrella and purchase a new one. It won't break your bank and are great if you're looking for a patio umbrella. 

1. Fashionable Patterns

The Marquee Portable Shade Umbrella is available in several bright patterns, from geometric shapes to waves. It will make a great addition to your outdoor patio during the summer. If you have an artistically designed deck, choose an umbrella to match. 

We would avoid taking it to the beach because the steel pole is flimsy and difficult to stand. However, the height is adjustable, so it's a good option for children and adults alike.

Surprisingly, the fashionable patterns on the canopy are a UPF50+ level. A fabric that the government has declared UPF50+ is considered excellent protection against UV rays. 

2. Black Canopies for UV Protection

If you're looking for a high UV protection yet low-priced umbrella, the Marquee Round Spritz Market umbrella is the one. The polyester canopy is black, known to be one of the best options for UV protection.

Bunnings have listed this umbrella as a UPF50+. Unfortunately, unlike the cantilever umbrella design, the market umbrella height is not adjustable. Instead, it stands static at 2.5m high.

As an upgrade, our Classic Timber Market Umbrella is 100% Australian made, has a set-up pulley system, and is fully serviceable. In addition, the marine-grade canopy and frame have a five-year guarantee. 

3. Stylish Cantilever Umbrellas

A Bunnings cantilever umbrella is connected at the side rather than in the middle, giving you a larger usable shade area. Bunnings sell the Marquee Charcoal Cantilever Umbrella with a powder-coated aluminium and steel pole.

It is sturdier than Bunnings' cheaper options, but you should still store it away when not in use. Also, be aware that strong winds can cause the canopy to turn inside out. It is not suitable for use in heavy rain.

The Charcoal Cantilever umbrella tilts via a manual crank. Thanks to this feature, you can be in the shade while enjoying the view. It's a good outdoor patio umbrella.

For a sturdier option, our Tilting Offset Umbrella has a marine-grade aluminium frame and a three-year warranty. 

4. Water-Resistant

The Marquee Woolamai Round Market Umbrella offers some rainfall protection. Although not 100% waterproof, it is "water-resistant." It should withstand the 140mm of rainfall we have in summer.

Of course, when the wind starts to blow, you will need to store it. But, overall, we think that you will get two or three seasons of good use out of the Woolamai Round Market Umbrella. 

5. How Much Are Bunnings Outdoor Umbrellas?

The cheapest option for an umbrella at Bunnings is a centre post market umbrella at around $35. However, you'll need to pay for the stand separately. An outdoor umbrella stand will cost between $60 to a few hundred dollars at Bunnings.

The most expensive umbrella at Bunnings will cost you around $400. The price difference is down to material quality and leverage designs.

The Bunnings Cantilever Umbrella is expensive because they use a modern technical system. They are also easier to set up, look stylish and tend to last longer.

When choosing your Bunnings outdoor umbrella, pay attention to the canopy material. Avoid the fun patterns and choose a stylish black if you want the best UV protection.

If sun protection is your main concern, buy from an umbrella specialist. They'll be able to tell you which umbrellas are marine-grade and have approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation. One such example of an approved outdoor umbrella is the Shadowspec Serenity which is a premium cantilever umbrella we sell at Project Shade. 

Are Bunnings Outdoor Umbrellas Worth It?

Bunnings outdoor umbrellas will do the job if you have a one-off need for an umbrella and don't mind cheaper materials. However, be mindful that the cheapest options won't last long in heavy rain or wind.

Some will also not offer good sun protection. If you want a long-term solution, buy direct from an umbrella specialist, like us. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we'll help you find your ideal umbrella today. 

Premium Outdoor Umbrellas from Project Shade

Here at Project Shade we specialise in high quality outdoor umbrellas that are designed for Australian conditions and will stand the test of time! Check out our most popular products below or contact us to discuss the best shade option for your area. 

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.