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How to Choose the Right Shade Sail Shape for Your Outdoor Space

1st June 2023

The simplest way to maximize your outdoor space for the summer months is to select the correct shade sail shape!

A shade sail is an elegant and cost-effective solution to help you beat the summer heat and enjoy long hours outside with your friends and family.

With different colours, designs, and shapes—

There is guaranteed to be a shade sail that suits your needs.

Rectangular shade sails, triangular shade sails, and other shapes can be perfectly fitted to match your outdoor space perfectly.

Unsure of the best shade sail shape for your space? Then keep reading! We’re covering the basics here. 

Rectangular Shade Sails 

In Australia, indoor and outdoor living is one of the many ways to maximize living in this beautiful country and soak up the great weather.

To achieve this, a backyard patio that serves as a dining space or lounging area is ideal. Having a covered space in your backyard to enjoy meals and time with friends and family is a way to beautifully increase your living space for a low cost.

For a backyard patio or dining table, a rectangular shade sail is perfect! Additionally, they are perfect to add to your driveway or carport for extra coverage. If you have a pool in your backyard, a rectangular shade sail is a perfect fit for maximum coverage.

A rectangular shade sail shape is built to cover the entirety of the space below it so that any guests you are entertaining are equally protected from the harsh sunlight.

The most important element for a rectangular shade sail is to ensure that it has the support points that it needs to get enough tension in the sail. On the side of the house or as a centre point in the yard support beams are perfect for creating even tension across the entire shade sail. 

Triangular Shade Sails

Triangular shade sails are perfect for zones in your outdoor space where you want to be in and out of the sun. For example, a small little lounge area would be perfect underneath a small triangular shade sail. Alternatively, you can purchase a large triangular shade sail shape for a bigger space.

Another advantage to this type of shade solution is that it only needs three points of tension to be pulled taut and not sag. For this type of shade sail, you can either have a right-angle triangle or an equilateral-shaped triangle depending on your design preferences. 

We carry both small and large triangular shade sails for all of your coverage needs.

Irregular Shade Sails

If you are reading this and are worried that neither a rectangular nor triangular shade sail will work for you—

We have a solution for you! Irregular shade sail shapes are all the rage for a more customised look in your backyard space. One way to achieve this is the use of hyperbolic shade sails. These shade sails have a unique geometric design for both durability and style. They are perfect for blocking out sun rays that are coming down at awkward angles.

At Project Shade, we can custom make a shade sail of almost any shape and size. We will work with you on finding the perfect dimensions and shapes so that you can purchase a shade sail that fits all of your needs.

You can contact us directly for more information on how to purchase a customised irregular shade sail. 

Purchasing The Right Shade Sail Shape for You

Now that you know the basics of visualising your outdoor space and what shade sails work best with different types of outdoor areas, you’re ready to take the next step!

Look no further than Project Shade for the shade sails of your dreams—we can customise rectangular shade sails, irregular shade sails, and more! We have a range of standard shade sails to choose from. Our shade sails come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs and are perfectly crafted to endure the Australian climate. Embrace the natural environment by selecting your shade today.

Feel free to contact us! We can’t wait to talk to you and help you find the perfect shade sail here at Project Shade. 

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.