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6 Easy Ways to Add Beauty and Shade to Your Backyard

30th March 2020

Backyards are essential, yet such an underestimated part of any home layout. They're the place that's capable of hosting parties, sitting outside with friends, relaxing in your own private sanctuary or just the occasional hangout among family.

But no backyard is complete without its fair share of different amenities and additions to improve how you feel about your home and increase your home's value!

You might feel as if you're missing a key piece, such as a shady spot to relax or a beautiful aesthetic where you can hang out.

Here are several key additions that your backyard needs for both backyard shade and liveliness. Be sure to consider all of these options for your backyard paradise.

1. Outdoor Umbrella

It doesn't matter what kind of barbecue (more on that in a second) or furniture setup that you have for your backyard if you don't have proper shade for it.

Can you imagine trying to brave the Australian heat while you try to BBQ some snags or crack a cold one outside with your friends? That experience would be far more comfortable in the shade of an outdoor umbrella.

Not only is the high heat and UV exposure dangerous for you and your guests, everyone will be miserable.

That's why you need to invest in a beautiful, durable, and efficient outdoor umbrella for your backyard space. 

You can place it on your outdoor patio, along the side of your pool, or over an outdoor dining table for everyone to eat, drink, and hangout.

Better yet, there's an outdoor umbrella for any setup. You can get one large enough to cover the entire deck or the perfect size to cover your table.

Home backyard outdoor umbrella

2. Trees and Plants

Who doesn't enjoy plantation such as a nice palm tree or two (or five) in the backyard? It adds to the ambience of being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

Those of you that are extremely passionate about the beach vibin' life will enjoy the tropical feel that it brings to your backyard pool.

However, even if you don't have a pool, trees and plants provide some much-needed shade to your backyard space. They can help reduce the number of harsh UV rays that hit your painted fence or new outdoor furniture to keep the colours from fading.

You'll also be pleasantly surprised at the budget-friendly cost of some of the different trees, bushes, or flowers that you're interested in! It gives your backyard a natural feeling that can't be met any other way.

Waveshade with plants

3. Fire Pit

Just because the sun is setting doesn't mean the fun of your get-togethers has to stop. You can live for the night with a fire pit that's made for conversation and enjoying company.

The fire pit itself can have as much or as little put into it as you'd like. It can be as simple as adding a metal fire pit with some chairs surrounding it or digging out a space in your backyard with concrete surrounding it.

Whatever path you choose, it's sure to bring a much-welcomed element to your backyard that you didn't previously have.

You will enjoy the chance to hang out around the fire year-round and enjoy whatever season of life that you're currently in

Home backyard Fire Pit

4. Pool

Of course, you've always dreamed of having a backyard with a pool in it, but now's the time to act on that desire.

You have several options available to you, one to fit any budget. You can choose between an above ground pool or inground pool, depending on your preference.

Imagine the opportunity to dip your feet in the water of your pool while sipping on a delicious pool-side cocktail.

You will find yourself looking for any excuse to throw a pool party at your home such as birthdays, sport watching parties, and family get-togethers.

This can also be a great way to entertain the kids at any time of the year. Rather than spending a ton of money to take everyone to the movies, they'd rather play in the outdoor pool that you already paid for.

Umbrellas near pool on backyard

5. Barbecues

The men reading this article will especially be keen on finding a way to purchase a barbeque for their backyard.

It will provide the perfect reason for your entire family to go outside and hang out while you cook lunch and dinner.

Imagine breathing in the delicious aromas of the grill while the kids play outside either running around the backyard or splashing in the pool. That's the dream life, right there!

Not to mention that you'll have the previously-mentioned outdoor umbrella to keep yourself as cool as possible while you cook up the grub!

Barbecues and shade

6. Picnic Area

Perhaps you're looking for an element that you can add to your backyard that's almost unique. Something that not very many people use their backyard for.

In that case, a picnic area is a perfect choice! You can dedicate an area of your yard to be a bit more shaded off than the rest in order to set up the occasional picnic.

Prepare everything in the kitchen and bring it out or barbecue something fresh for you all to enjoy as you sit down and enjoy the beautiful earth around you.

Get Yourself the Backyard Shade That You Need!

After reading all of these awesome additions that you can make to your yard, it's clear to see that backyard shade should be the top priority.

The backyard upgrades that you make are a tremendous way to increase the value of your home and give you pride in your yard. You'll find every excuse to stay home and dwell in your new and improved backyard.

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