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A Comparison of Docril Acrylic vs Sunbrella for Australian Conditions

14th February 2022

Did you know that proper shade can make an outdoor space feel 10-15 degrees cooler than it is? This is essential for those who want to relax, work, or play while soaking up some vitamin D. Investing in the right canvas shade material can make all the difference in your home or commercial outdoor area.

Here, we're going to take a look at two different umbrella materials: Docril Acrylic vs Sunbrella fabric. Read on to learn which of these options is right for you.

What Is Acrylic Fabric?

Acrylic fabric is woven and knitted with acrylic yarns. It's a synthetic fabric rather than a natural one, meaning that it's artificially produced with a polymer called acrylonitrile. This makes the material strong and durable even in harsh conditions.

While acrylic fabric is used to make sweatshirts, sweaters, and more, the manufacturing process to make acrylic shade canvas is quite different. The end result is a sturdier fabric that can last for decades.

This longevity also makes it the perfect choice for outdoor umbrellas. The material is akin to canvas, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

What Is Acrylic Canvas Shade Material Used For?

Canvas shade material is used for premium outdoor umbrellas. This is an indication that you're purchasing a high-quality shade. Lower-quality outdoor umbrella canopies are made from polyester.

Acrylic shade canvas is ideal for umbrellas because of its toughness and durability. Its thick fabric is water-resistant and holds up against windy weather conditions. This makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications - you won't need to replace your shade quickly regardless of how much you use it.

Docril Acrylic vs Sunbrella Fabric

Docril acrylic fabric is very similar to Sunbrella fabric. The main difference is that Sunbrella is a more widely known brand. The distinction between these two acrylic fabrics is primarily a matter of marketing. Some people also consider Sunbrella to have a slightly nicer feel and is a little softer - although this is debatable. Sunbrella fabric is also more expensive in most applications that it's Docril counterpart. 

Docril is neither better nor worse than Sunbrella - in fact, the materials are extremely similar.

Docril Warranty: How Long Are You Protected?

Because of their durability, shades that feature Docril fabric are among the best on the market. However, as with all outdoor fixtures, they are prone to regular wear and tear. Fortunately, a fairly hefty warranty protects them.

Docril fabrics come with a full 10-year warranty. This covers changes in physical properties and is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase. Some manufacturers choose to pass on this long warranty however not all do so make sure to ask about the fabric warranty before you make a purchase.

Sunbrella also offers a long warranty which can be seen, for example in the canopies of the Shadowspec Serenity and Unity outdoor umbrellas.

Invest in the Right Canvas Shade Material

Now that you know more about Docril and Sunbrella acrylic fabric, it's time to begin selecting the right shades for your individual needs.

Project Shade is committed to helping you find the best shade solutions in Australia for your residential or commercial use. Contact our experts with any remaining questions that you have about pricing and features before making your purchase.

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.