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Australian Made Outdoor Umbrellas: Made in the Shade

9th March 2022

While sunlight and vitamin D work wonders for people's mental and physical health, overexposure to UV radiation can cause severe problems. If you're looking for high-quality Australian-made shade outdoor umbrellas to solve these issues, Made in the Shade is an excellent brand to consider.

Their products are some of the best outdoor umbrella solutions to keep your space shaded safely and effectively. Read on to learn more about this Australian-made outdoor umbrella brand so that you can begin optimising your outdoor sitting area.

A Brief History of Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade is a brand that specialises in handcrafted outdoor umbrellas. These shades are made from locally sourced Victorian Ash Timber, making them 100% Australian-made products.

This brand was first established in 1980 and has made quite the name for itself since then. They began creating handmade outdoor umbrellas almost 40 years ago and have never stopped. When you invest in one of Made in the Shade's outdoor umbrellas, you know that they are crafted by expert hands.

As you would expect, this makes them superior in quality to their competitors. This traditional approach to creating shade solutions makes their products ideal for all buyers. Whether you are looking for a cafe umbrella to shade diners or a gorgeous shade for your personal patio, they have you covered.

Additionally, the handcrafted nature of these outdoor umbrellas means that each one is unique. The grain, colours, and textures of each umbrella's pole are one-of-a-kind. This, combined with the fact that all materials are ethically sourced and manipulated, makes Made in the Shade a top Aussie brand.

Made in the Shade Product Offerings

Made in the Shade makes premium cafe style umbrellas with a centre-post.

Their canopies are made from acrylic canvas. This material is waterproof and can stand up to harsh winds. Canvas shades from top sellers are specially made to last a lifetime so that you don't need to replace your outdoor umbrella.

Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Moonrock Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Linen Coloured Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Black Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Light Navy Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Black and White Striped Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Slate and Linen Striped Coloured Canopy

Shade Colours

These cafe umbrellas come in a variety of different colours. Residential buyers can choose the one that best fits their home decor. If this describes you, consider what hues you have around the house and get something that best matches those colours.

Commercial owners who need outdoor umbrellas for their cafe and restaurant patios can use these shades as a branding opportunity. Select Made in the Shade umbrellas in your restaurant colours to make the biggest possible impact.

A popular option is their striped navy blue and white striped patio umbrella. This classic design looks great with all design schemes because of its memorable neutral hues. Blue is calming and versatile, while white provides a multipurpose neutral backdrop that goes with all decor schemes.

You can purchase these shades in square shapes (sizes 7, 8, and 10) or in octagonal shapes (sizes 9, 12, and 14). Determine which shape you like best, measure your space, and purchase the outdoor umbrella that best fits your area.

Design and Functionality

Made in the Shade outdoor umbrellas also feature a unique pulley system. These systems are durable marine-grade Ronstan stainless steel ball-bearing yacht pulleys. They halve the load for you when opening or closing the umbrella to make it easier for you to bear its weight and resistance.

These systems come with a pully pouch in fabric that matches your canopy. This attaches to the pole so that you can store the cord inside of it. This ensures that the cord stays clean when the shade is in use.

All facets of a Made in the Shade outdoor umbrella are replaceable. If something stops working, you can purchase a spare part and replace that specific aspect of your umbrella. This prevents you from needing to replace the whole thing as Made in the Shade designs outdoor umbrellas specifically to last a lifetime.

Where to Buy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrellas

The best place to purchase Made in the Shade outdoor umbrellas is on Project Shade's website. While you can buy them directly from the manufacturer, our experts are happy to help guide you through the process. We will help you select and obtain the perfect outdoor umbrellas to fit your specifications.

We work with the best manufacturers all over Australia so the advantage of buying from us is we can ensure you are buying the right product for your situation. We also assist in any warranty cases. This means that you will get the maximum possible protection when you discuss warranties with one of our experts.

We also offer various financing options to make purchasing your shade as easy as possible. You can pay in four instalments with AfterPay to put less of a strain on your wallet. This lets you get high-quality shades without too much financial stress.

Whether you want a solid-colour or striped outdoor umbrella, we have your back. Just specify what you want your classic timber outdoor umbrella to look like and we'll get it to you shortly.

$1,369.00 AUD
Approx $899.43 USD

Get High-Quality Australian Made Outdoor Umbrellas

While choosing Australian made outdoor umbrellas can be a challenge, you can't go wrong with Made in the Shade. Now that you know all about this brand and what they have to offer, it's time to start shopping for your perfect outdoor umbrellas.

Our professionals are committed to helping you find the perfect outdoor shade solutions for your residential or commercial space. Contact our Shade Specialists to discuss which Made in the Shade products best meet your individual specifications.

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.