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The Best Market Umbrellas in Australia

20th June 2021

Studies show that shade in outdoor environments can increase human comfort levels by as much as 18.4°. So, if you want people to seek out your cafés al fresco dining areas, market umbrellas are a good investment.

In the same way, shade structures open up a world of outdoor relaxation at home during Australia's hot summer months. The trick is choosing the right one.

Are you wondering how to choose a market umbrella that ticks all your boxes? Here's what we discovered when we went in search of the best market umbrella in Australia. 

What Is a Market Umbrella?

Market umbrellas are lightweight centre pole umbrellas that suit outdoor applications. They're often seen at resorts and cafés, but they're also popular at home for your patio and backyard. 

Some of the criteria that can help you figure out which umbrella's best for you include the canopy and frame material, ease of operation, price, and warranties.

These are the brands and products that excel in these areas:

  • Made in the Shade
  • Indoor Outdoor Imports
  • Shadowspec Resort & Café (SU2)
  • UltraShade Home & Café
  • Bambrella Levante
  • Hurricane Bambrella
  • Awnet
  • Star Outdoor
  • Instant Shade Café Series
  • Shelta Umbrellas

Let's take a look at these in more detail to help you figure out how to choose an outdoor umbrella for your home or business. 

Made in the Shade

If you're curious about how to choose a café umbrella that creates a welcoming feel, you need to look no further than Made in the Shade's Classic Timber Market Umbrella. The timber frames and bright colours of this range are what make them our top selling market umbrellas.

Made in the Shade - Classic Timber Umbrellas with Black Canopies.

Canopy and Frame Materials

These umbrellas are handmade in Australia using locally sourced Victorian Ash timber. The striped or solid coloured canopies comprise locally sourced marine-grade acrylic canvas.

The quality pulley system makes these umbrellas easy to operate. 

Price and Warranties

Made in the shade market umbrellas start at $1,099 excluding the base and come with a five-year warranty on both the frame and the canvas. 

The manufacturer can refurbish your umbrella when it starts to look shabby, and you can repair or replace any parts of this umbrella quickly and easily too. 

Indoor Outdoor Imports: Commercial Aluminium 

These umbrellas are your best bet if you're looking for excellent value for money and an affordable price. They're easy to transport and install, either in-ground or on a portable base.

Their simple mechanisms include a safety-locking system to prevent collapse. 

Canopy and Frame Materials

Indoor Outdoor Imports: Commercial Aluminium Umbrellas use excellent quality fabric, a solution-dyed Spuncrylic to create its colourful canopies. As the name suggests the frame is made from aluminium.

You can print your logo on these umbrellas if you choose to do so. 

Price and Warranties

These great value market umbrellas costs around $300 excluding the base. You get a 12 month warranty on the frame and on the canopy fabric fading. 

These warranties only cover everyday use and exclude damages caused by misuse or inclement weather. 

Now Available at Project Shade!

We are excited to announce that we have recently added these fantastic market umbrellas to the Project Shade range. We are in the process of adding them to our online store but in the meantime you can contact us to purchase them. 

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Shadowspec Resort & Café (SU2)

Shadowspec market umbrellas work well for both residential and commercial applications. They're lightweight, easy to use, simple, and reliable. They also look great!

Canopy and Frame Materials

These café umbrellas boast a heavy-duty double pulley system, stainless steel components, and aluminium frames. You can arrange for custom branding of the canopy which comprises mould-resistant, colour-fast, and water-repellent, UV-rated fabric.

Additional features include commercial-grade pulley ropes and glass-filled nylon brackets and hubs.

Price and Warranties

Excluding the base, these umbrellas start at $539. You'll pay a little more for upgrades like acrylic canopies and custom branding.

These umbrella canopies have a two-year warranty, and the frame's guaranteed for five years! 

UltraShade Home & Café 

UltraShade manufactures their premium umbrellas made to order out of their factory in sunny Queensland. When you choose one of these high-end umbrellas, you can customise every detail of their design. 

UltraShade Home & Café - 4.0m Octagonal in White
UltraShade Home & Café - 2.5m Octagonal, Yellow and White Alternating Panels with Scalloped Valance
UltraShade Home & Café - 2.5m Square. Blue Canopy with Burrito Bar Screenprinting

Canopy and Frame Materials

UltraShade umbrellas are a durable choice featuring powder-coated aluminium frames and canopies made from advanced outdoor awning fabrics. These materials offer 100% UV blockout, water and mould resistance, and a vast colour range. 

The yacht quality rope-pulley system locks in position for easy operation and added safety. 

Price and Warranties

Technically we don't really consider these market umbrellas since they are of such high quality. You will pay a premium for these luxurious umbrellas though, they start at around $1,799 including a base. UltraShade Home & Café umbrellas have a two-year warranty on both the frame and the canopy. 

Bambrella Levante

Bambrella Levant claim their umbrellas are the strongest in the world thanks to their flexible bamboo frames and boast a sophisticated, high-end appearance. 

These imported umbrella's are a good option if you're looking for value for money, although we prefer the look and feel of Made in the Shade's Classic Timber market umbrella. 

Canopy and Frame Materials

The 100% Moso laminated bamboo frame is a bonus due to its eco-friendly qualities. The canopies are Spuncrylic fabric, which boasts fade-resistance, a UPF of 50+, and water-resistant qualities. 

Price and Warranties

Bamboo's an inexpensive material. So, the Bambrella Levante's one of the more affordable umbrellas, starting at around $858 excluding the base. 

Warranties include two years on the canopy and two years on the frame. 

Hurricane Bambrella

Newly engineered for the 2021 season, Bambrella's second offering is similar to the Shadowspec Café and Resort umbrella. It's one of the strongest and most reliable umbrella in this range. 

Despite this, we still believe the Shadowspec has a slightly better appearance and feels a bit nicer to use. 

Canopy and Frame Materials

The Hurricane bears a 100 km/h wind rating thanks to its sturdy aluminium frame. The canopy boasts a highly polished, strong interlocking profile with a Spuncrylic canopy.

Price and Warranties

You can buy a Bambrella Hurricane umbrella for as little as $748, plus extra for the base. The fabrics guaranteed for two years, and the frame comes with a five-year warranty for residential use, and a three-year warranty in commercial settings.


Awnet specialises in branded outdoor umbrellas and other promotional products. That makes these umbrellas a top choice for restaurants and cafés. 

They're also made in Australia and engineered to withstand local conditions. 

Canopy and Frame Materials

Awnet canopies comprise either high-quality solution-dyed acrylic canvas, vinyl, or other durable poly solution-dyed materials.

The patented frames are 'Engineer Certified' aluminium with interlocking arms and aluminium brackets and cogs. 

Price and Warranties

Awnet umbrellas start at around $457 excluding the base however their is quite a large range of colours and sizes and the prices vary quite a lot. Awnet offers a three-year warranty on its frames and canopies. 

Awnet market umbrella

Star Outdoor

Like Awnet, Star Outdoor caters to people who want to show off their branding at events and markets. They're a cheaper option as they are an imported product. These umbrellas are a good choice if you want umbrellas for individual outdoor events rather than a permanent installation.  

Canopy and Frame Materials

Star outdoor umbrellas feature an aluminium frame with stainless steel fittings. You can choose from vinyl, polyester, acrylic, or olefin fabric for your canopy. 

Price and Warranties

These umbrellas start at $200 excluding the base and have a two-year warranty. You also benefit from a free graphic design service when you choose a Star Outdoor umbrella. 

Instant Shade Café Series 

Instant Shade's one of Australia's reputable shade suppliers offering a good range of value-for-money umbrellas. These structures have a 60 km/h wind rating and similar qualities to Shadowspec. 

Canopy and Frame Materials

The solution-dyed Poly-Olefin canvas canopy is water, weather, and UV resistant, while the frames comprise rust-free anodised aluminium.

These umbrellas are lightweight, sturdy, and easily portable, with a wind rating of 60 km/h.

Price and Warranties

Instant Shade market umbrellas start at $395 excluding the base and offer great value for money and attractive European styling.

You get a three-year warranty on the frame and a four-year warranty on polyester fabric or a five-year warranty on acrylic canvas.

Shelta Umbrellas 

Shelta is a good choice if you're working within a tight budget and need to find a market umbrella on short notice. Their extensive range of market umbrellas includes models the Fairlight, Terrazzo, and Fairview to name a few. They are often stocked at major retailers including Harvey Norman and BBQ's Galore. These umbrellas are often sold under different brand names so that retailers can claim exclusivity. 

These umbrellas are simple, inexpensive choices but they don't quite meet our quality standards which is why we don't stock any Shelta products.

Canopy and Frame Materials

The materials used in Shelta umbrellas vary from product to product. Try to find models with structural aluminium frames and acrylic canopies. 

Price and Warranties

Shelta umbrellas start at $125 but as above they vary a lot. Shelta offers quite long warranties although they are near impossible to repair when something goes wrong. 

Choosing the Best Market Umbrella for Your Needs

Vast colour choices aren't the only variation you'll find when shopping for the best market umbrella. There's also a lot of variation when it comes to the quality of umbrellas available.

That why we refer to our market umbrella range as the 'Classic Umbrella' range. It's our way of assuring our customers that we only stock superior quality market umbrellas. 

Check out our online shop to see what we're talking about. 

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.

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