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The Top 10 Outdoor Umbrellas in Australia

4th July 2022

According to JAMA Dermatology, an umbrella can block between 77% to 99% UV radiation. Black umbrellas offer the most protection.

If you live in Perth, you're soaking up 3,200 hours of sunshine per year. On the other coast, Sydney has 2,628 hours of sunlight. So, offer yourself some protection and purchase the best outdoor umbrella.

Reading online customer reviews can give you some understanding of the performance of each one. But it might not help you in terms of which are the best.

Our experts have decided on the best ten outdoor umbrellas in Australia and compiled this list to simplify it. So whether you're looking for a large shade covering for a pool, an adaptable cafe outdoor umbrella, or a simple patio umbrella, this list has it all. 

Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Made in the Shade: Classic Timber 

The best outdoor umbrella is the stunning 100% Australian-made Classic Timber. The 60mm single-piece centre local Ash timber mast is just one of the highlights.

This outdoor umbrella has a flush lock to secure the mast, which looks sleek and modern. The Classic Timber canopy is available in block colours and stripes.

Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Moonrock Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Linen Coloured Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Black Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Light Navy Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Black and White Striped Canopy Made in the Shade Outdoor Umbrella with Slate and Linen Striped Coloured Canopy

A popular choice is traditional seaside blue and white stripes. The canopy is acrylic, making it durable, breathable, and fade resistant.

You can choose from square or octagonal canopies, which are ideal for both commercial properties and homes. The material is marine-grade and helps protect people from harmful UV rays.

Marine-grade fabric is the ultimate in durability and is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

2. Shadowspec Unity

Number two on this list offers something completely different from the Made In The Shade. While the number one Classic Timber is all about aesthetics and style, the Shadowspec Unity offers a massive amount of shade on one post.

You can secure four square umbrellas from the central aluminium mast via a cantilever system. Thanks to the unique New Zealand design, you can affix the umbrellas in diagonal, L-shaped, and square positions.

Shadowspec Unity covers 36m2 and is ideal for restaurants, yards, and swimming pools. The marine-grade canopy has attention-grabbing shades such as a burnt orange. Made from world-renowned Sunbrella fabric, it has a warranty of ten years.

The mast, with its patented outdoor umbrella features such as Shadowlock, Shadowglide, Shadowlift and Shadowhub has a six-year warranty. Shadowspec Unity is available on a portable base and even has specialist LED lights that you control with an app. 

3. Shadowspec Serenity 

Shadowspec Serenity is the bestseller from the Shadowspec range. It is a single canopy version of the Shadowspec Unity. As such, it has the same patented outdoor umbrella features and warranties.

The canopy is available in square and octagonal shapes and can rotate 360-degrees. A Shadowglide component on the mast allows users to open and close the canopy within five seconds.

Shadowspec Serenity has been the best commercial shade umbrella sold online via our site for two consecutive years.  

4. UltraShade Heavy Duty Umbrella

The Australian-made umbrella mast is powder-coated Aluminium to withstand gale winds of 80km/h. The removable and anti-tamper handle is ideal if you plan to position the umbrella in a public space.

Consider purchasing the square or octagonal canopy with scalloped edges for extra style. You can also customise the canopy and frame colour of this best outdoor umbrella.

The company, Ultrashade, constructs the canopies from acrylic or PVC coated Polyester. But, for even more design options, upgrade to a Serge Ferrari 502 Architectural PVC canopy. 

Contact us for more information or to place an order on an UltraShade Heavy Duty Umbrella.

5. Master Shade

The base of the Master Shade is galvanised, making it sturdy and able to withstand winds of 100km/h. In addition, the customisable canopy can rotate to lock through all 360-degrees and three degrees of tilt.

This Australian-made umbrella also uses a cantilever system and offers excellent value. It is very similar to the RevolvaShade a little further down this list but is at a lower price. 

$2,790.00 AUD
Approx $1,833.03 USD

The designers have treated it with an anti-mildew substance. As such, this outdoor umbrella in Australia will stay in tip-top condition during storage. For an eye-catching statement, customise the canopy and frame colour. 

6. FlexShade Tension Membrane

Australian designer, Flexshade, has created three umbrellas, including square, hexagonal, and cantilever styles. This umbrella is a permanent structure that will stay up throughout the year.

Flexshade Tension Membrane Centre Column

Flexshade Tension Membrane Side Column

The various configurations will shade between 2.4m to 15m in the centre and side column designs. They will give your patio or establishment a contemporary atmosphere and are affordable.

Each umbrella comes with a ten-year structural warranty. It will hold against 160km/h, the highest wind speed on this list.

7. RevolvaShade Doubletilt

This Australian umbrella has a specialist German-engineered double tilt feature. It rotates a full 360 degrees and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Also, the solution-dyed acrylic canvas is available in many colours. The most popular ones are "standard", but there are also "non-standard" ranges and "premium" colours.

RevolvaShade Doubletilt is the only kind of this unique design in the world. It is possibly the best Australian-made cantilever umbrella. However, because it comes at a premium price, it is a little further down the list. 

8. Shadowspec SU2

You might recognise this style as a traditional restaurant and resort outdoor umbrella. The New Zealand-made SU2 has an easy to use double-pulley system and anodised aluminium structure.

The anodising process creates a shiny and durable finish that is resistant to corrosion. Depending on your needs, there are three bases or plates on offer.

Shadowspec SU2 is good value and has a four-year warranty. It strikes an excellent balance between affordability and commercial quality. 

9. SunRanger

When comparing umbrella prices, the SunRanger Cafe umbrella is excellent value for money at less than $350AUS. This product is imported and is made with lower quality materials for a specific price market.

You can design your canape from over ten colours or choose to have a logo printed. Unravel the canopy, tug on the pulley, and your umbrella will set up. The bases to the SunRanger Cafe umbrella come separately, so you can choose which one best suits your site. 

10. Bambrella Sirocco

The two-piece mast and patented cleat system allow you to position the shade at different heights. It is a lightweight bamboo umbrella, so it is easy to set up and take it down for storage.

The fade-resistant Spuncrylic® fabric is an affordable yet effective canvas. The Bambrella Sirocco has a high UV protection level and is available in many colours.

The prices start from $297, so it is an affordable best outdoor umbrella for personal or commercial use. 

Choose the Best Outdoor Umbrella to Brighten Your Day

With so many outdoor umbrella options on the market, you can be confused about which is actually the best outdoor umbrella option. After reading this article, you hopefully know which style you prefer between different canvases and masts.

As your local specialist outdoor umbrella provider, you can talk to us if you need more guidance. We can provide you with expert knowledge to make an informed choice.

So, contact us if you want an umbrella that will protect you from UV and suit your design preferences. 

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