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What Are Tension Membrane Structures?

21st May 2021

If you're searching for a way to elevate your outdoor experiences, look no further than tension membrane structures.

But what exactly is a tension membrane structure?

Tension Membrane or Tensile Membrane is tensioned fabric is stretched over high-grade PVC and a steel framework, creating a shaded, weatherproofed area for gathering. Tension membrane structures are a stunning, effective, long-lasting envelope protector. 

They are thin and bend-proof. A perfect way to maximise your courtyard, playground or patio seating.

These structures save patrons, parents and business owners on cooling cost. Its innovative and dynamic compression is supportive. This enables the ability transform, to host and gather. 

This dynamic architecture provides a conscious, calculated environment to spend time outdoors. It maintains natural lighting and dons material that stretches massive distances.

We can talk about commercial use or private entity. Either way, creating a protective, weatherproof area is a foolproof idea.

So, where do we begin?

Design-Forward: Tension Membrane Structures

There's nothing better than getting positive feedback. An eye-pleasing space is sure to lead you to it. A proper set-up can leave guests feeling connected to their experience.

We register a moment in our memory through minute details. Sometimes it's the shape of a room, and sometimes it's the intention behind it. 

Tension membrane structures offer the coverage needed to support varying groups of people. While its utility is undeniable, the same can be said about its sleek design.

Tension membrane buildings can complement a street corner. They can highlight a sleepy back road. They can bring the focus from the food truck to the coffee shop.

There's a classic conversation about how a rug can tie a room together. These shading systems can make an unforgettable aesthetic contribution.

When we layer functional architecture with forward-thinking design, we find artistic flair. It is a picturesque homage to geometry. A tension membrane structure can foster the ambience you didn't know you needed.

Regardless of the placement of your establishment, the delicate structure connected to it is seen. Of course, foot traffic is a natural byproduct of this sight for sore eyes.

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Technology and Beyond

Textile technology has taken us to a new level of application.

When we build today, we have the opportunity to collaborate with new materials. These materials range in density, longevity and practicality. Membrane surface tension has proved to be an effective shade system.

Utilising a steel framework, the fabric is stretched over first-rate PVC, creating tension. The shade and coverage provided help protect everyone from the elements, rain or shine.

This is not a shelter to access dry, shaded space. Among other things, it is a safe place to take a breath of fresh air. It can also provide a safe workspace and engagement outside (especially throughout a pandemic).

There are many shapes and sizes that tension membrane frames can bend to.
Each unique design is specific to any establishments needs. 

There are many tension membrane structures that serve as permanent solutions. This versatility may also provide collapsable options.

Progressive Protection

Shade systems like quick tension membrane fall in line with energy efficiency and conservation.

A wider spectrum of a shaded area means reducing the need for fans, misters or cooling agents. These become costly and ineffective on a long term basis.
It's always difficult to see things from different perspectives.

From where we stand, we may not notice a blatant roadblock that impacts another persons quality of life.

Let's take a shaded waiting area outside of a respiratory doctors office for instance. Waiting for an appointment in the hot sun can be harmful.
A patient who relies on public transportation may need supportive shade.

There are countless folks who may have no option but to wait outside for their appointment.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Protecting locals from the harsh UV rays that contribute to melanoma is paramount.


Whether you're a general contractor, a CEO or a principal, a buildout of any kind comes with concerns.

There's so much to weigh. Materials, placement and utility are just a few considerations that require analytics. Tension membrane structures offer smooth buildouts with none of the hassles.

The engineering behind these complex structures is sound. High-grade metals fuse to form the base of these frames. As one unit, this structure offers a reliable base layer for a long-standing shade system.

As the build-out finishes, there are plenty of options to choose which finish suits your project best. Everything from galvanized steel to epoxy paint. The choices within the parameters of your structure gift you flexibility and your own touch.

Though tension-based fabric has a long history in anthropology, never before has it become so necessary and accessible.

The advancement of technology collides with engineering. In harmony, they manufacture permanence and durability. 

Experts come together to evaluate these projects. When the team sits down to decipher the viability of tension membrane structure buildout, it's a no brainer. These materials, when combined, offer strength that stands the test of time.

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Pull the Trigger

The seasons gift us with weather that feels storybook-like.

On those days, being able to rely on a sturdy, dependable structure to keep your establishment and its guests safe and satisfied is priceless. All while promoting the safety needed to combat harm from the sun.

Tension membrane structures can mean the difference between a rained out wedding or a party into the night. It can offer a reprieve from a long staff retreat. 

Don't go another moment without this remarkable resource. If you're ready to install the long-lasting benefits of a tension membrane structure, connect with us today.

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.