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Shade Blog

Australia’s Best Outdoor Umbrellas 2022

Are you looking for the best outdoor umbrella for your space? Click here for a complete guide to Australia's best outdoor umbrella in 2022.

The Ultimate Guide to Shade Sail Maintenance

What's the best way to maintain a shade sail? How do you clean mouldy shade sails? Here's everything you need to know about shade sail maintenance.

Australian Made Outdoor Umbrellas - Made in the Shade

Beat the heat and get made in the shade with one of our Australian made umbrellas. Read about these gorgeous handcrafted outdoor umbrellas and how they can help you stay cool here!

A Comparison of Docril Acrylic vs Sunbrella for Australian Conditions

Canvas awnings and umbrellas are vital in extremely hot conditions. Compare Docril Acrylic vs Sunbrella canvas shade material to find the best fit for you.

SPF vs UPF: What's the Difference?

There are two very different ‘factors’ when it comes to sun protection – Ultraviolet Protection (UPF) and Sun Protection (SPF). We explain in this helpful guide. 

How to Choose the Right Umbrellas for My Restaurant or Cafe

If you run a restaurant or cafe with an outdoor seating area, you'll want umbrellas. Here's how you can choose umbrellas for your venue.

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