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Best Cantilever Umbrellas in Australia

7th June 2021

The global umbrella market is worth over $9 billion. They're a necessary tool for providing shade to your home or business.

Umbrellas come in several shapes and sizes, but cantilever umbrellas are one of the best. They're stable, sturdy, and practical.

There are several factors you must consider to choose the right one. They include materials, size, and brand name. 

We're continuing on from our popular articles on the best outdoor umbrellas from 2020 and 2021 to focus on the best cantilever umbrellas in Australia. Read on for an overview of the best options and where to find them.

Why Choose a Cantilever Umbrella

Traditional umbrellas open from a centre pole that keeps them stationary. You can't move or rotate them to cover the exact area you need to shade, and the large post tends to interrupt the flow of your space.

Cantilever umbrellas are also known as a side post umbrella or offset patio umbrella. They have a post or column off the side. Many models use a swivel arm for better movement and shading.

Their careful manufacturing makes them more stable than other designs.

Australia has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world. It's 2-3 times higher than Canada, the US, and the UK. 80% of newly diagnosed cancers are skin cancers. Most are caused by exposure to the sun.

A cantilever umbrella protects you from these harmful rays. It also provides UV protection for your furniture, keeping it looking new.

A cantilever umbrella will keep your customers comfortable and protect them from UV exposure. It also protects homeowners by placing the post outside of but shading part of their patio, pool, or spa. 

These are only some of the benefits you can receive from a cantilever umbrella. It's an attractive and effective option for almost any space.

Best Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas are an increasingly popular shade option. They pop up everywhere from worksites to residential spaces. More and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own versions for customers.

Each type of cantilever umbrella offers special features that help it rise above its competitors.

Some of the best umbrellas and umbrella brands include:

  • Shadowspec Serenity
  • Shadowspec Unity
  • Revolvashade
  • Flexshade Tension Membrane
  • Skyspan Vista
  • Pacific Shades Mastershade
  • Ultrashade Side Post
  • Shelta Savannah
  • Instant Shade Eclipse
  • Tucci 

They all offer a range of useful features, unique designs, and customisation options. Research each one to find the best option for your space.

Shadowspec Serenity

Shadowspec is a quality outdoor umbrella manufacturer based in New Zealand. They offer several effective models.

The Shadowspec Serenity is one of the most popular cantilever umbrellas on the market. This is due to its impressive appearance, long warranties, state-of-the-art systems, and reasonable price.

Best Cantilever Umbrella


The Shadowspec Serenity's UV protection earned a seal of recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation. Very few other umbrellas earn this distinction.

This recommendation means you can trust the Shadowspec Serenity to protect you and your family from the sun. It also makes the umbrella the perfect option for hot, humid areas.


Shadowspec stands by the quality of their umbrellas and insures them against any sort of damage.

The Shadowspec Serenity includes a 6-year warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the canopy.

Patented Systems

The Shadowspec Serenity offers convenient 360-degree manual rotation. This makes it easy to customise where and how it delivers shade.

The Serenity also includes a built-in LED light. You can use it day and night.

The umbrella also uses patented systems to automate operation.

The Shadowlift™ and Shadowglide™ systems offer fast, automated retraction. Assisted by gas and anti-gravity capabilities, they can open or close the umbrella in 3 seconds.

The ShadowLock™ rotation system keeps the umbrella in place during strong winds. 


You can add accessories to the Shadowspec Serenity for an additional cost. This includes an LED light and controller for $190.

You also have the option to choose a portable, free standing base with optional castor wheels that allow for easy movement. Both of these features are rare in premium cantilever umbrellas.


The Shadowspec Serenity is a state-of-the-art, attractively designed umbrella so they aren't exactly cheap. The cost of a 2.5m square or 3.5m octagonal is $3,287, while larger sizes cost $200 more.

Shadowspec Unity

The Shadowspec Unity's innovative design makes it the next generation of shading. It's useful in all types of weather and offers long warranties and fair prices.

Innovative Design

Standard umbrellas fit one frame onto one canopy. The Shadowspec Unity can connect up to 4 canopies to a single post. This allows the umbrella to provide shade cover over a larger area.

As with the Serenity, it features world-leading Sunbrella fabric for the canopy.


This is another umbrella that the Shadowspec brand is willing to stand behind. It comes with an impressive warranty of 10 years.


Prices range from $3,787-$11,787. The final cost depends on the number of canopies used.


Revolvashade is a boutique factory based in Queensland. They specialise in cantilever umbrellas and offer a range of models with patented systems and impressive wind ratings.


There are 8 different models of Revolvashade cantilever umbrellas. This includes a two-canopy model and various heavy-duty and light commercial options.

Patented Systems

The Ultimate Deluxe model includes a single and double-tilt feature. The single-title system takes it from 90° backwards to up to 45° forward. The double-title feature moves from side to side once it's locked in. 

Each Revolvashade umbrella retracts all the way to the post, allowing for easy storage.

Wind Rating

Revolvashade products have impressive wind ratings of up to 200km/h in some models. They're a heavy-duty option that can handle whatever you put them through.


Prices range starts from $3,000+ depending on the model and size. 

Flexshade Tension Membrane Cantilever

The Flexshade Tension Membrane Cantilever Umbrella is also created by expert engineers in Queensland. It's technically a shade structure because it's a permeant fixture that does not retract.

Flexshade Tension Membrane products are a wonderful choice, particularly for commercial applications.

They are low maintenance and long-lasting. They offer high wind ratings, customisation options, and long warranties.

Wind Rating

Flexshade Structures have a high wind rating of 160km/h, allowing them to stand up to even the harshest conditions.

This makes it safe for commercial usage and popular with architects who design high-end establishments.

Customisation Options

The colour, material, and configuration are all customisable. The structure will be created to your exact specifications.

Flexshade Tension Membrane Cantilever


All Flexshade structures come with a 10-year warranty. These durable products will last for years.


Prices range starts from $6,200 and increases with the size of the structure.

Skyspan Vista

The Skyspan Vista is another tension-membrane umbrella made in Queensland. Unlike many others in this category, it offers the ability to retract the umbrella open and closed whenever you need to.

The Skyspan Vista also has a very high wind rating. It's another popular option for architects who need a hearty umbrella for high-class buildings.

Prices begin at approximately $7,975.

Pacific Shades Master Shade

The Pacific Shades Master Shade is yet another cantilever umbrella made in Sunny Queensland. The rotating, tilting, umbrella retracts all the way to the post. It's the best solution for small spaces with frequent layout changes.

The Pacific Shades Master Shade also has a high wind rating of at least 80km/h, but some models go as high as 160km/h.

Similar to Revolvashade umbrellas, the Master Shade can be retracted all the way to the post, giving it a slim look when fully closed.

Pacific Shades Master Shade

Pacific Shades makes a limited number of these high-quality umbrellas each year, so place your order as soon as possible. Costs range from $2,500-$3,500 depending on size.

Ultrashade Side Post

Ultrashade is a family-owned manufacturer based in Queensland. They create high-quality, made-to-order umbrellas.

The Ultrashade Side Post uses a simple, reliable design that's fully customisable.

Ultrashade Side Post


The Ultrashade Side Post umbrella uses a 3-piece cantilever assembly and marine-grade materials.  It can open, close, and rotate, but can't tilt. 


The Ultrashade Side Post is made-to-order. You can also include add-ons such as a zip-off dust cover, scalloped or straight finish valance, and screen-printed fabrics. 


The Ultrashade Side Post umbrella costs $2,725 - $3,325.

Shelta Savannah

Although it's not as high-quality as other umbrellas, buyers on a budget should consider the Shelta Savannah. It offers an acceptable balance between quality and affordability.

This cantilever umbrella option costs approximately $1,300.

Instant Shade Eclipse

The Instant Shade Eclipse cantilever umbrella is a popular option in retail outlets. It's easy to use and allows you to tilt and rotate it to suit your space.

The Instant Shade Eclipse costs approximately $3,499. You'll be able to find it in almost any local showroom.


Tucci is a luxury brand based in Miami, Florida. They offer two different models of cavalier umbrellas with 7 different shade options and marine-grade fabrics.

Tucci umbrellas prices can reach $10,000. They're difficult to find in Australia due to high import costs but are a great option if they're within your budget. 

These are our picks for the best cantilever umbrellas on the market.

Where to Buy the Best Cantilever Umbrellas

Umbrellas protect you from the sun and keep your spaces comfortable all year round. They're useful in a wide range of spaces, including everything from patios to outdoor dining locations.

Cantilever umbrellas are stable, easy to use, and rotate to provide better shade coverage. Look for one that fits your space and comes from a trustworthy brand and provider.

Project Shade offers a range of shade solutions for commercial and residential spaces. Browse our online store to find the best cantilever umbrellas today.

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.

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