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Best Shade Products for Primary Schools in Australia

11th November 2021

Best Shade Products for Primary Schools in Australia

If you're in charge of maintaining one of the 9,542 schools across Australia, then doing right by the students is a top priority. This means providing them with shade so they can play outside and get some sunshine without damaging their skin.

To get the best shade primary school students can use, it's important that you know about the options available to you. Read on to learn about some of the best.

Permanent Shade Structures

Permanent shade structures like those offered by Flexshade are one of the best shade options for schools. These permanent fixtures are generally conical shaped and stand up on their own. They're similar to a gazebo or a building in their structure.

One of the biggest benefits of permanent shade structures is that they're built to last. They have a 160km/hour wind rating and can stand up against windy and rainy weather conditions.

They also come with a 10-year warranty so that you can feel at ease post-installation. You won't need to spend your entire shade grant or budget installing permanent fixtures in the same place over and over again if something does happen to them.

Permanent structures are also extremely low maintenance. Because they're made to be outside regardless of the weather, you never need to put them away into storage. The high-quality materials also mean that you can simply wipe the frame and fabric down quickly and easily.

Flexshade fixtures are perfect on an aesthetic level as well as a functional one. You can select the colours that you want for the fabric and whether or not you're interested in any patterns. Many schools choose to get the school colours on the shades (and, in some cases, add a mascot image).

You also can select the size and shape of your permanent shade. This ensures that you cover enough space for children to play under for shade structures for school playground areas. If you're using the structure over a specific assembly area or outdoor work tables, you can make it the precise size to fit your needs.

Commercial Shade Sails

Shade sails are semi-permanent fixtures that you can use to cover a wide space. They attach to buildings or poles and provide shade to the area underneath them. Unlike permanent shades, however, they get taken down in certain weather conditions and stored indoors.

These options require a bit more maintenance, but they're ideal for those looking to shade a large area. You can choose extremely large sails or multiple shade sails put together. Because there are so many size customisation options, you won't have any trouble finding the right choice to fit your needs.

Speaking of customisation, did you know that shade sails from brands like Mister Shade makes come in even more customisation options than permanent alternatives do? Well, it's true!

When you purchase these sails from Project Shade, you're given dozens of colours, styles, and patterns to choose from. However, the sky really is the limit since you can create and upload a custom design.

Price-wise, commercial shade sails are more than affordable. They cost far less than permanent structures. Note, however, that they'll need to be replaced when the fabric begins to sag or fade.

Luckily, the replacement will be less expensive because sails are covered by Australian shade grants for school spaces. Everything Project Shade offers is covered by these grants, but the low price of sails allows you to get the most out of your purchase.

Tamper-Proof Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Tamper-proof commercial outdoor umbrellas stand above a table or a chair and provide shade to the area beneath it. The pole goes through the centre of the fabric.

UltraShade umbrellas are one of the best types of these shades. Each umbrella is manufactured and individually tested to meet rigorous quality standards. There's no need to worry about tampering or the destruction of these shades.

These shade options are easy to open and close so that students can get sunlight and shade intermittently. They also are small and, for this reason, easy to store.

While cantilever umbrellas are amazing for other applications, they aren't generally the right choice for school settings. They're likely to blow over or be tampered with my students. That's why you need to get a classic alternative for your space.

It's important that you get heavy-duty umbrellas for school settings. This will ensure that they can't be tampered with. They also are less likely to sustain weather damage if they're heavier.

Umbrellas are the perfect shade option for tables and eating areas. If you're looking to give primary school students a picnic space, this is the best option to fit your needs. It intensely shades a small area where children can sit.

Customisation is also possible for those looking to invest in umbrellas. Project Shade offers dozens of colours and styles. We also are happy to add additional features like LED lighting to your umbrella for a small fee.

Like all permanent structures and shade sails we discussed earlier, each outdoor umbrella Project Shade offers is 100% Australian-made! You can rely on Queensland- the Sunshine State- to understand all there is to know about blocking out sunlight in an effective and healthy way.

Get the Best Shade Primary School Options Today

While there are many shade primary school possibilities, Project Shade is proud to offer a wide variety of options. Whether you want permanent fixtures, semi-permanent sails, or umbrellas, our experts are happy to help you customise and design the perfect shade for your space.

Now that you know some commercial shade for schools, it's time to get started. Get in touch with us to talk about your specific needs and find the ideal school shades for you.

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.