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How to Add the Best Shade to Your Pool

30th November 2020

Of all the summer hacks out there, adding shade to your pool is by far one of the most important ones.

Why? Because, as anyone living in Australia knows, the summers are hot, hot heat. That's more than enough reason to spend the warmer months poolside.

The shade is a fantastic place to cool off, take a break from the sun, and enjoy your living quarters year-round. In this guide, we highlight a few reasons why you should consider adding shade, how to do it, and more. 

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Why Should You Add Shade to Your Pool?

Having a shaded spot in your backyard comes with a slew of benefits.

For one, it cuts back on harmful UV-ray exposure, preventing sunburn. Second, it allows you to find some reprieve when you're feeling too warm and ready to cut back on the sunshine. Third, it offers an upgrade on your home's aesthetics—perhaps even increasing your home's value!

If you're planning to have lunch outside, spread out your meal on a table undercover. If you want to read your book outdoors without loading up on sunscreen, sit under the shade. And what if it starts raining?

Take cover!

There are so many reasons to use a shade.

Pool with shade

Types of Pool Shading to Consider

The great thing about having a pool shade is that there are several options to choose from. You can consider:

  • Planting palm trees
  • Installing sail shades, which cover a full surface
  • Adding one or more pool umbrellas

Within these choices are even more choices (colour, type of umbrella, etc.), allowing you to customise a shade that's perfect for your tastes and your backyard's decor. Let's move on to that next.

Backyard pool with shad sail

What's the Best Pool Umbrella on the Market?

With all the options, what's best for your home?

We have to recommend the Cantilever umbrella. A Classic umbrella is a great standard, fit for multipurpose use. A Heavy-Duty umbrella is excellent, too, but might be too much for your situation.

The perfect middle ground is a cantilever umbrella. This off-set post allows for fantastic versatility as it's not in-ground. A cantilever can get positioned once and left stationary, or even repositioned if you want to move things around or follow the sun's trajectory. 

Which brings us to our final point . . .

How to Position a Cantilever Umbrella

So, you've decided to go with a cantilever umbrella due to its durability and flexibility. Now, how do you position it over the pool? 

First, scope out the area and get a feel for where you need the shade. You can even test this by observing the objects in your backyard. Where the shadows are longest, the sun is farthest away—where they're shortest, the sun is more overhead.

Based on these findings, position the cantilever in a space that needs the shade most—facing the direction of the sun. It also helps to know where the sun travels in your area. Where is it rising and falling based on your particular backyard? 

As the seasons change, you may need to reposition—which is possible with this option.

Throw Some Shade

If you own a pool in Australia, you need sun shade. Whether that's a shade sail, palm trees, an umbrella, or something else entirely, you can't go wrong. Ensure you can enjoy your pool all summer long by adding some cover to your backyard.

At Project Shade, we can help you achieve this.

Click here to get a quote on one of our many shade solutions!

Cantilever Umbrella

Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.
If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then provide tailored advice according to your needs.

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